6 Qualities To Look For While Choosing A Rottweiler Puppy

Courageous and fiercely loyal, Rottweilers make a good family pet. However, selecting the right kind of puppy is important to avert troubles down the road. You must be mindful of the right traits while choosing a Rottweiler puppy. This entails a task at hand, but assures your freedom from hassles for years to come.

Here are some general tips for first-time owners on qualities to look for while selecting the right kind of Rottweiler puppy.

Choosing a Rottweiler Puppy: Go For Pure Breed

A Rottweiler puppy of pure breed is loved by one and all. Buy your puppy from reputed breeders, not pet stores. With a breeder, you are assured that you have a pure Rottweiler. Visit the kennel of the breeder to find out the condition of his puppies. A good breeder is more careful about the wellbeing of his dogs and better placed to ensure right care and socialization of puppies.

Choosing a Rottweiler Puppy: Have Good, Healthy Parents

A Rottweiler puppy is more likely to inherit the traits and health condition of his parents. So, meet the parents before choosing a Rottweiler puppy. Their personality, size, coat, and temperament show you about the potential qualities in the puppies.

Well-behaved and friendly parents are more likely to have better-socialized puppies. Check the apparent and potential genetic issues in the parents and ask the breeder to show their health certifications, declaring them free from hereditary disorders.

If a mom has been bred more than three times, her puppies are vulnerable to health and behavior issues.

Choosing a Rottweiler Puppy: Neither Dominant Nor Submissive

Don’t go for Rottweiler puppies that are more dominant or too submissive. Those with a middle temperament, such as friendly, not too pushy, curious, and trusting, are the best.

Interact with all prospective puppies both in groups and individually before choosing a Rottweiler puppy. Those jumping, stealing, or overwhelming others are suitable, especially for first-time owners. ‘Alpha’ puppies are more likely to disobey and are difficult to train due to their independent attitude.

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Don’t select a puppy that is shy and afraid of you. A timid Rottweiler puppy may require your extra care and attention to grow up. Scared adult dogs are a nightmare for owners.

Choosing a Rottweiler Puppy: Active But Not Aggressive

Never pick a Rottweiler puppy that is inactive or dormant. It may have psychological or physical problems, leading to a lack of interest in activities.

While selecting a Rottweiler puppy, go for the one that is friendly and more amenable to interact with you. Hold and handle the puppy to study its reaction and gauze its disposition. But if it nips your hand or makes growling sounds, avoid buying it. The best one is that who allows you to hold him.

Choosing A Rottweiler Puppy: Original Rottie Physical Traits

You should have a puppy with exact physical traits of a Rottweiler. A Rottweiler puppy must have a shiny coat. He should be black in color. His marking must not be in any color other than mahogany or rust. Those with triangular ears folding forward are a pure-breed of Rotties.

Check the legs for any abnormality. A Rottie must have muscular and straight legs slightly longer at the back. Unless he has desired features, avoid the dog.

Choosing A Rottweiler Puppy: No Genetic Disorder

Rotties are vulnerable to several hereditary disorders, such as hip dysplasia, cardiac problems, and frequent kneecap dislocation. Many of these diseases are not treatable. Having a puppy with a genetic disorder is not only a distressing experience but also a financial burden. So, check for the genetic health when choosing a Rottweiler puppy.

Ask the breeder questions about the health of the puppy and its parents and certificates declaring them healthy. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals issues certificates for dogs more than 2-year-old. So, a puppy may not be certified as free from hereditary disorders. But both his parents must have such certifications and this helps in your selection.

Puppies that are over 4 months may be taken for medical examination to clear doubt over their genetic and congenital disorders.

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Check mouth, teeth, and back legs of your selected Rottweiler puppy for any structural abnormality. Those with clear eyes, ears, and coat are the best to pick. Avoid a puppy if it has watery discharge from eyes. Those that look chubby and have no discernible coughing are healthier puppies.

Don’t forget to ask the breeder if the pup is vaccinated and de-wormed while choosing a Rottweiler puppy.

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