9 Reasons Why You Should Have A Rottweiler

A Rottweiler is your best companion. When these large and powerful pets behave badly, the fault lies more with the owner than the dog breed. Their suave, calm, and sensible temperament are strikingly different from their intimidating personality. Smart, intelligent, and strong, they are highly trainable and easy to socialize. Their guarding ability is unmatched while their extreme loyalty to the owner is worthy of admiration.

Rottweilers are Smart and Intelligent

The dog breed is counted among the most intelligent pets. Unlike many other dogs, Rotties make use of their brains before reacting. Despite their massive strength, they are not aggressive. They are always ready to learn from the owner.

He learns quickly and picks up your instructions swiftly than many other breeds. With training, you can easily employ the dog in a variety of roles. Even without training, the Rottweiler becomes a perfect family member.

Rottweilers are Affectionate and Friendly

You may be frightened at the sight of a full-grown Rottweiler. But he is not aggressive unless you do any mischief. Their placid disposition often belies their sturdy figure. They are very much big softies despite an imposing and dominant personality.

It is a big surprise for many to see such a muscular and large doggy trying to curl himself up on the owner’s lap. It is just an instance of the affectionate behavior of the dog. Rotties love to remain extremely friendly, sweet, mild-mannered, and attached to their family. They are gentle with the children or pets they grow with.

Rottweilers are Low Maintenance

A Rottweiler is easy to groom. With a short coat that is not too delicate, the breed needs very less maintenance. A quick and usual brushing once a week is enough for your Rottie.

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It is also easy to train a Rottweiler. Owners usually do not have to struggle hard to potty train a Rottie. Naturally gifted, it learns the socialization process swiftly. Even professionals preparing these dogs for police, fire, military, and rescue missions find it easy to train the dog.

The Rottweiler is a healthy dog and mostly remains free from diseases when compared with many other dog breeds. With minimal grooming and healthcare needs, you don’t have to spend too much time or money on looking after your pet.

However, the dog needs time for activities daily to stay fit and agile.

Rottweilers are Natural Guards

Guarding qualities make the Rottweiler the best among dogs. The dog has genes of Roma Drover, one of the best guards in the historical records of canines. Rotties too are excellent guards and are famed for their guarding and herding qualities in the German folklore.

Naturally strong, athletic, bold, alert, and fearless, the dogs make excellent watchmen. They have a natural instinct to protect the property and belongings of their owners. Their intimidating figure is in itself a deterrent to thieves and mischief mongers. Rottweilers are highly alert, awfully territorial, and very good in assessing dangers. At the slightest hint of mischief, they tend to alert the owner.

Rottweilers are Not Instinctive

Despite its power, vigor, and strength, Rotties are not instinctive. Gone are the days when they were with herds. Now, they love to be with humans. They are not aggressive or easy to be excited. They accept and adapt to the socialization process despite their dominant attitude.

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Highly intelligent and confident, a Rottweiler does not react to a situation or stranger immediately. It takes the time to assess things on its own before befriending or attacking someone. This wait-and-watch approach is a product of his intelligent ability to evaluate the situation.

Rottweilers are Hypoallergenic

The dog breed is without many reported allergy incidents. Their body is more adaptable and immune from many allergies that affect several other breeds. Rotties are also free from allergies that spread from animals to humans. This makes Rottweilers a good choice for people with preexisting allergies.

Rottweilers are Extremely Loyal

Loyalty and obedience are in the blood of a Rottweiler. The dog stays committed to his owner and family. He loves them as much as his own self, and this is visible in the overprotective attitude of Rotties.

Your Rottweiler loves your company and remains calm and relaxed in your presence. He loves to jump onto the lap of the owner or sleep at his feet. Rotties are happy to bond with the family members, and their affectionate behavior overrides their menacing personality.

The dog thrives with his family members and does his best to protect them and their property. If left without the owner for long, Rotties may turn destructive.

Rottweilers are Highly Trainable

The Rottweiler is a dog with great intelligence and highly admired work ethics. These qualities make Rotties exceptionally good for training. They are eager learners and follow the consistent instructions quickly. There is no need to repeat your instructions too often. However, the dog reacts to harsh punishments.

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Rotties have proved their mettle in numerous roles with police, military, field medical, and rescue missions. They are also good guides for blind people.

Like every other dog, Rottweilers have their merits and demerits as a household pet. Downsides persist in every breed of the dog, and selection of a pooch depends on your need. If you are ready to adopt a Rottweiler, you are going to own one of the most majestic and awesome canines available.

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