Adorable Dog Video: Cute Rottweiler Video Compilation

Photo from TubeSpaghetti

Rottweilers have a reputation for being tough dogs. However, every Rottweiler owner speaks volumes about these dogs’ soft sides. And this compilation of 10 adorable Rottie videos is a glimpse into the amusing world of Rottweiler parents.

In this compilation, we see Rottweilers with their softest and cutest sides. We have one video of a Rottweiler puppy just learning how to howl and another one showing off his singing skills. There is a clip of a short Rottweiler vs. cat (harmless) confrontation. And there is another clip, our favorite, of one Rottweiler drinking water in a unique way.

Indeed, Rottweilers are goofballs. Although they seem to be tough on the outside, they are really amusing with kind hearts.

Watch the compilation below:

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