Delineating Rottweiler Personality and Temperament

Calm, confident, and courageous is how the American Kennel Club describes the Rottweiler personality and temperament. The dog is steadfast, sensible and without a fondness for immediate and indiscriminate friendship. Though very cautious toward strangers, Rotties are extremely loyal to their owners.

Rottweiler Personality: Look Says It All

The muscular and brawny appearance is the perfect indication of bold and courageous Rottweiler personality and temperament. Their love for assertive behavior complements the large and stocky presence. Calm and steady-tempered, they do not become excited easily and are cautious in becoming friendly toward strangers. Confident and intelligent, Rottweiler assesses people and conditions before becoming friendly.

Though his personality looks intimidating, the dog is not aggressive. Your Rottie has a penchant for self-assured aloofness. However, it has innate herding and dominating instincts, and this leads the dog to bump young children.

Often the steadfast and serious look of the dog overshadows its sensible side. It is not a vicious attack dog, but an intelligent and capable companion that can be easily trained and socialized. Rottweiler is extremely loyal, unruffled, and extremely playful. If you want a dignified companion, there is no better option than a Rottie. If you are worthy of their time and affection, they are superbly obedient and easily amenable.

Rottweiler Personality Defines Its Temperament

  • Rottie is very loyal to its owner and has a penchant for protecting his family and property. His fearless and bold attitude helps in his guarding and protective responsibilities.
  • Rottweiler is a naturally dominant dog and may test your inclination to recognize him.
  • Though rustic and athletic in appearance, these dogs are unusually placid in disposition toward known people. The behavior is steady and self-confident, though boldness is very apparent. Even they do not attack a stranger without sensing danger.
  • The breed is not pet or kid friendly unless socialized well.
  • A Rottweiler is highly obedient. Always alert, they are quick to react and respond to their surroundings.
  • Though a self-confident dog, Rottweiler follows a cautious wait-and-watch approach while making friends. Males are more predisposed to indiscriminate friendships with strange people. The dog studies people and situation well before reacting.
  • Irresponsible ownership and lack of socialization allow Rotties to express their herding and guarding instincts fully. Coupled with exceptional strength, they can be dangerous for outsiders and stubborn and disobedient for the family.
  • Normally, a Rottweiler is not aggressive. He assesses danger before reacting to it. But their boldness often manifests in an aggressive attitude toward other pets and territorial instincts become evident.
  • Emotionally confident and valiant, a Rottie does not love a feeble owner. He wants the owner to become resolute in behavior and with good leadership skills. He is happy to accept your authority if you are skillful to dominate the dog.
  • Though sensible, a Rottweiler needs thorough socialization. He easily adapts to the socialization process and accepts it without any inhibition. However, the dog does not like harsh treatment.
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Rottweiler Personality Defines Training and Activity

Rottweilers are good to train. From the days of World War I, police, military, medical, and search and rescue staff has been using these dogs for a variety of roles successfully. You can train these intelligent dogs for household coexistence without much difficulty.

Rottweiler often does not like to befriend young kids or other pets unless raised with them. However, it is seen that a trained Rottie can easily overcome the problem.

Athletic and muscular, a Rottweiler is playful and loves activities. To negate their overeating habit, you must put them to regular exercise.

Emotions and Instincts in Rottweiler

A strong-minded and bold dog breed, Rottweilers love to dominate. However, they are sensible and even tempered. They adore assertive owners but turn stubborn toward those unable to find favor with them.

Rotties are steady, fearless, always alert, and self-assured. Born with a natural protective instinct, he is possessive of his owner and things. However, the dog avoids being unusually aggressive. Composed and confident, members of this dog breed prefer a wait-and-watch approach to instant and unsystematic friendship. Though they look fearsome, they are placid in basic disposition, highly obedient, and eager to work.

When bored or left to live without adequate attention, Rotties can be self-destructive.

Generally, a Rottie is good natured and loves companionship despite his robust looking body. Extremely intelligent, the dog adapts to any situation without much difficulty. It does not become agitated quickly. Consistent training is a must to help them overcome herding and dominating instincts. Overeating and herding instincts must be guarded with due attention.

Working Style of Rottweiler

There are a very few dog breeds that match the work ethics of the Rottweiler. He has a strong willingness to work and can perform well in extreme hardness. You can train him easily for a specialized task. Even his role as a general all-purpose family dog is admirable.

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