An Owner’s Guide to A Healthy Rottweiler Diet

A healthy diet is a prerequisite to the mental and physical wellbeing of your Rottweiler. It helps him fight obesity, stay healthy and hearty, sustain his energy level, and retain the muscular look.  However, a healthy Rottweiler diet is much more than just the right nutrition intake. It must not starve off your dog and be attentive to food allergies in him. You should also adjust the diet according to the needs of his age and activity level.

The Need for Healthy Rottweiler Diet

Your dog is no way different from you as far as the association between his food and health is concerned. What he eats has a bearing on his wellbeing. If you feed your Rottie a healthy diet, he stays energetic, free from obesity, and without health issues. If his diet is not healthy, your pet is at the risk of becoming overweight, lacking adequate nutrition, staying sluggish and unenthused, and facing a host of health problems.

A healthy Rottweiler diet is vital to keeping your dog’s skin and coat in good condition. It also saves you from spending too much time and money on vet visits.

Healthy Rottweiler Diet: Essential Things To Consider

When selecting a healthy Rottweiler diet, you should be mindful of a few important things, including:

  • Specific food requirements: Every breed has a certain skeletal construction requiring particular nutritional needs. Again each dog is different from another of the same breed. You must take into consideration the differential needs at each level. For example, a Rottweiler needs lots of protein in its diet. However, you have to balance out the calorie in the food based on your dog’s weight and activity level.
  • Your ability to provide food: Plan your healthy Rottweiler diet based on your budget. Can you afford to buy commercial dog food daily? Do you have time to cook dog food at home? If you are buying food, check the labels to guide your servings. When providing home food, measure it exactly and know the calories per cup.
  • Health conditions: A healthy Rottweiler differs from dog to dog subject to health You may avoid a high protein diet for an older one. In case of a young Rottie, he needs more calories to grow and play. Those with thyroid, severe weight issues, food allergies, or bone diseases need a special diet.
  • Nutrition: The need of nutrition for a Rottweiler changes with its age.
  • Energy and activity: You may need to give more calories to your dog if it is very active and has daily exercises.
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General Nutrition in a Healthy Rottweiler Diet

A Rottweiler needs about 25% protein, 12% fat, and 1 to 2 % calcium in his diet. The daily calorie need varies with age. A mature Rottie weighting between 100 and 130 lbs requires 2,100 calories to 2,500 calories, depending on his activity level.

Protein is the most important part of a healthy Rottweiler diet. Lack of adequate protein causes anemia, muscle atrophy, skin and joint problems, and compromised immune health. Rottweilers love meat and animal sources are a good option for their protein and fat needs.  Serve them meat, eggs, and fish as per their daily calorie requirements.  You may combine the meat diet with veggies and grains.

Complex carbs are good only when taken in moderation.

Focus on Energy Requirements

The diet must have adequate calories to suffice his energy level for the day’s work. Calculate the protein and fat requirement for your dog in consultation with your vet. A growing puppy needs more protein and fat to build muscles and strength than a sedentary or old dog. Lack of protein and fat may make your dog skinny and underweight while a high-calorie diet adds to the weight. Balance the needs based on the specific requirement of your dog.

Healthy Rottweiler Diet for Skin

Your Rottie needs a good amount of fat intake to keep its skin healthy and coat shiny. Lack of fatty acids may cause itchy skin, dandruff, and lusterless coat in your dog. Increase the intake of healthy fats, such as unsaturated fats to nourish the skin.

Healthy Rottweiler Diet for A Puppy

When your Rottie is a puppy, his diet requires a high amount of protein, fat, and calories to reinforce his musculoskeletal growth. The usual calorie need for a Rottweiler puppy is about 19 calories per pound of weight. However, food dense in calorie may have an adverse effect on your dog. It fuels rapid growth that has the potential to cause joint problems. Select a mix of meat, veggies, and grain meals so that your puppy gets a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus.

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Prevent your puppy from overeating and focus on providing him with quality food.

Is Raw Food Diet Healthy?

Often owners allow their Rotties to munch on a raw food diet. Such diet is a combination of bones, grains, vegetables, and fruits. No doubt, such food is good for your dog’s teeth and gums.

However, munching on raw food may result in overeating unless properly monitored. Rottweilers have a natural liking for food, and raw food may further increase their appetite. Without proper nutritional guidance, it may result in overeating and weight gain.

Also, make sure all raw foods are prepared at home and fresh. If kept longer or open, raw food may breed salmonella and harmful bacteria.

Healthy Rottweiler Diet for Orthopedic Health

Your Rottie is vulnerable to bone problems, such as hip dysplasia, and joint injury. To avoid this, the dietary needs must take into consideration the calcium and vitamin needs. Enrich your dog’s diet with rich food in calcium and omega-3 fatty or add supplements, such as chondroitine and glucosamine.

Healthy Rottweiler Diet for Digestive Health

Blot and gastrointestinal issues are common in large dogs. Your Rottie, too, faces the risk. So, plan a healthy Rottweiler diet to help in faster metabolism.

Food obtained from animal sources is not digested quickly. You must select a mix of meat and veggies for your pet. Add cooked grain and raw food too. Prepare a schedule delineating what type of food to eat and when. Split the daily food intake into 3 to 4 portions and prefer lean meat, more than average carb, and healthy fats. Limit meat meals to 4 days a week. It may include red meat for 2 days and meaty bones for 2 days. Avoid kibble or chewing diet if your dog has gastrointestinal issues.

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Healthy Rottweiler Diet for Heart and Brain Health

Select food rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to ensure good heart and brain health of your Rottie. You may allow him to eat animal fat in moderation and supplement it with fish and seed oils. Owners can add taurine and L-carnitine supplements to home-made food to preserve heart health of their dogs.

Give you dog fruits and vegetables daily. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, these help your dog stays healthy and avoids the risk of cancer.

Water and Supplements

Water is essential to keep your Rottweiler hydrated and maintain his weight. So, give plenty of water to your dog. A mature Rottie needs at least 20 ml of water daily for every pound of his weight.

Consult your vet about the need for giving supplements to your dog. Most of these include vitamins and minerals and can be mixed with home-made meals for your dog.

How Healthy Is Commercial Dog Food?

Expensive foods do not necessarily constitute a healthy Rottweiler diet. Most commercial foods have high carbohydrate contents used as fillers. The addition of preservatives, artificial color, sugar, and chemicals is another concern. Manufacturers of dog food make various claims to advertise their product. This should not lead you to mistake the food as the best choice for your Rottweiler.

Check ingredients before buying dog food and consider their benefits and drawbacks. Make sure your dog is not allergic to them. Avoid those with excessive carbohydrates or dairy products. Be assured of quality and certifications from the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Serving a mix of commercial and home cooked food is the best option.

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