How To Identify A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder?

Are you looking to buy a Rottweiler puppy? Find out a reputable Rottweiler breeder if you do not want any pet health and temperament issues later. The right person is the one who can assure you of not only giving a purebred puppy, but also having a dog free from any hereditary and acquired health disorders. A good breeder can also help you with adequate information and support to raise and train a perfect family dog.

reputable Rottweiler breeder

Here are some essential qualities to identify a reputable Rottweiler breeder.

Rottweiler Club Memberships

A reputable Rottweiler breeder is a member of one or more Rottweiler clubs affiliated to the American Kennel Club for at least 3 years. There are various dog clubs for this breed of dogs, such as American Rottweiler Club, at the national, state, and local levels. Good breeders are members of these clubs and participate in dog shows they regularly organize. These clubs also lay down a code of ethics for member breeders to follow in owning, breeding, raising, and selling Rotties. Breeders receive pedigree and registration certificates from these clubs, attesting the authenticity of their dogs as purebred.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Participates in Dog Shows

A credible Rottweiler breeder is a regular participant in dog shows. He has a penchant for showcasing his dog’s obedience, tracking, socialization, and conformation at AKC-certified pet events.

You may also visit dog shows to meet various breeders and know about their expertise and experience. Reputed breeders enthusiastically talk about their dogs’ achievements, awards, commendations, and pedigree.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Must Have Dog Papers

Good breeders keep all papers pertaining to their dogs. These may include:

  • Puppy registration papers
  • Pedigree proof establishing ancestry
  • Medical records of parent dogs certifying the absence of genetic disorders
  • Records certifying the absence of congenital disorders in puppies
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The American Rottweiler Club or any other AKC-affiliated club must have attested the registration papers. He is ready to show papers proving the pedigree of a puppy.

Parent dogs must have the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certificate, declaring them free from hereditary bone disorders, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. He may also get his stock certified by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation for inherited eye problems.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Welcomes You To Visit His Kennel

A good breeder is an eager showman. He is ever ready to welcome you at his kennel. You may visit his place and meet his stock, including puppies and their parents. Pay attention to the cleanliness, care, and facilities available for pets there. Reputable breeders must have well-maintained facilities underlined by a hygienic and favorable environment for dogs.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Puts Limited Puppies on Sale

Unlike a pet shop, a good breeder does not sell too many puppies at a time. He has 2 or 3 puppies for sale every year. Also, he may not sell puppies that are less than 7 weeks old, fearing that they may suffer from social anxiety if separated from the mother at an early age. His primary focus is on health, wellbeing, and ethical practices in dog breeding than earning profits.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Offers Warranty, Follows Code of Ethics

Breeders are expected by their clubs to follow a code of ethics in breeding, raising, and selling Rotties. They avoid breeding dogs that are underage, of a mixed breed, or with genetic disorders. They are so sure of the pure breed and health of their puppies that they do not hesitate to sign a written agreement with buyers, offering a warranty. Such breeders also hand over breeding, health, pedigree, and registration papers to buyers.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Has Both Expertise and Experience

Good knowledge about Rottweilers sets a reputable breeder apart from others. He should have at least 3 to 4 years of experience with this breed of dogs. He must be knowledgeable about the personality, temperament, health issues, dietary needs, and behavioral problems in Rottweilers. His membership of Rottweiler clubs and experience in breeding these dogs naturally endow him with such expertise.

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You must ask him questions about his experience, affiliation, awareness of dogs, warranty terms, and references to test his genuineness.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Asks Questions

A good Rottweiler breeder is more concerned about the welfare of his dogs than earning money. So, expect him to question you about your ability to care for a Rottie. He may want to know your experience about owning dogs, awareness of the Rottweiler breed, family choice of pets, and your preparedness to neuter the dog.

A Reputable Rottweiler Breeder Refuses To Sell Anyone

When a good Rottweiler breeder is not sure of your ability to raise such a big dog, he may not agree to sell you a puppy. His primary concern is to ensure that a dog finds a responsible owner, who may not abandon him in the future. He may refuse to courier a puppy and demand a meeting with the actual buyer. Some breeders visit the homes of prospective buyers to see the conditions there before selling puppies.

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