This Rottweiler Gets Excited To Go To The Beach

There is no doubt that Oz is a very smart Rottweiler (all Rotties are naturally intelligent). He loves the beach. His mom even declares it his most favorite place.

And in this clip, we have a glance of Oz’s happiness after finding out that his family are going to the beach. The adorable Rottie is so excited that he picked up his collar right away and headed straight for the door. However, his mommy reminded him that he forgot something – his leash. Oz then hurriedly picked up his leash, leaving his collar behind in the process. The poor Rottie was then told again to come back and bring his collar with him.

In the end, Oz gave an almost exasperated look, as if begging his mom to just please let him go to the beach.

Watch the short clip below:


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