Is The Rottweiler A Good Family Dog?

An obedient dog low on maintenance and friendly in disposition toward kids and other pets is usually viewed as perfect for households. There are many such qualities that make the Rottweiler a good family dog. No doubt that Rotties are the best guarding dogs. But they can easily adapt to the family ambiance and make an excellent pet.

Many qualitiesmake Rottweiler a good family dog

Let’s learn what makes the Rottweiler a good family dog for many pet lovers.

Temperament Makes The Rottweiler A Good Family Dog

Don’t go by the appearance of a Rottie. The dog’s temperament and behavior are contrary to its muscular and aggressive look. Composed and confident, Rottweilers enjoy human companionship and love to be around the family. The presence of owners is always soothing for the dog.

Rottweilers are loyal, obedient, and protective of the family. They remain composed and do not get easily excited. A thankful dog, Rottweilers respond with caution. Unless provoked or threatened, the dog remains calm. It enjoys playtime with kids, though it is more suitable for older kids. You can easily socialize the dog to coexist with young kids and other pets.

Loyalty, Obedience Natural Traits

The Rottweiler seems to be born with unqualified loyalty toward its owner. This makes the dog very obedient and fiercely devoted. Their priority is their family, and this is the reason behind Rotties not making friends easily. Protection of the owner and his family and property is a natural instinct in these dogs. However, they also do not attack strangers unless feeling a threat.

The obedience of Rottweiler is a trait highly appreciated by trainers and owners. Relaxed, calm, and faithful, the dog dedicates its life to the family, and this commitment makes the Rottweiler a good family dog.

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The Rotties fall in love with dominant owners, but detest harsh behavior.

Superb Mix of Luxury and Work Ethics

The Rottweiler is a superb choice for your home if you are looking to have a dog big in size but low on maintenance. The muscular figure, imposing presence, and respect for the owner make the dog an excellent choice for pet lovers. With such a dog with you, you will be the cynosure of all eyes.

At the same time, its aptitude and work ethics make the Rottweiler a good family dog. You can easily train and socialize the dog. Known for its strong work ethics, the dog religiously follows commands and learns quickly.

The intelligence of Rotties makes them highly sought after for police, fire, military, guide, and therapeutic services.

Rottweilers and Children

As far as children are considered, the Rottweiler enjoys their company. It usually remains affectionate with children. This leads many to consider Rottweilers a good family dog.

However, the breed is known to despise pushy childish behavior and may turn aggressive if not comforted. You can help your Rottie avoid the tendency to bump a child with minimal training. A Rottweiler never reacts to those with whom it has grown up. It is more comfortable in the company of older children.  Therefore, dog breeds suggest Rottweilers for households with children above 7 years of age.

Rottweilers and Other Pets

The Rottweiler was originally bred to guard farm animals. This quality makes the dog comfortable to coexist with other pets. Rotties usually like dogs of their size and thrive in their company.

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However, the assertive attitude of these dogs often makes them behave in a hostile manner unless introduced properly. By nature, Rottweilers prefer to wait and watch before making friends. So, you must expect your Rottie to accept another pet instantly.

With proper socialization and introduction, Rotties become quite pet friendly.

Early Socialization
Rottweilers are eager learners and they turn out to be the best family dogs. Start training your Rotties as soon as your bring him home. You may see your dog aloof in the beginning, but with proper introduction, it easily befriends your family members. Acquaint him to your family, children, and other pets. Admire the positive of a young Rottweiler toward child and pets. Let him be comfortable with kids and enjoy their company. You may also take your Rottie to socialization classes to help him into a calm and well-mannered adult.

Fewer Needs

The Rottweiler is low on maintenance though it is a big dog with a high level of energy. They are usually healthy and you don’t have to visit vets too frequently. As the dog is easy to socialize and highly trainable, you may not need professional assistance for the same.  With fewer efforts, you can make the dog obedient and adaptable to your family and the neighborhood. You can have the dog at your home with minimal grooming. All these qualities make Rottweiler a good family dog.

Though not instantly friendly toward strangers, a Rottweiler never attacks anyone unless provoked. Rotties usually do not harm any guests visiting your home though keep an eye on their behavior.

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However, you should spend between 20 – 30 minutes on an activity every day with your dog. Otherwise, if left alone for too long, Rottweilers can become bored and destructive.

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