Rottweiler Makes His Bed

Photo from LifeIsJust21

Rottweilers are diligent and hardworking dogs. If you are a Rottweiler owner, this is one quality of your Rottie that you can absolutely be proud of, just like the owner of this particular Rottweiler.

Meet Bowser, an adorable Rottie with a lot of personality. He enjoys having conversations with his owner and playing hide and seek, among other things. He also really likes making his bed before sleeping on it.

One time, Bowser’s owner caught him doing just that. Before Bowser could enjoy his naptime, he made sure his bed was comfortably made. He kept checking his spot and did not show signs of stopping until his owner asked him whether the bed was already made good enough.

Will Bowser get a good sleep? Watch the dog video to see for yourself:

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