Rottweiler Puppy Vaccination: An Overview

Inoculation is not an option, but a necessity. Rottweiler puppy vaccination is an essential part of your dog care regimen because a puppy is vulnerable to parvovirus with a slim chance of recovery. Rotties also face the risk of distemper, parainfluenza, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases that may result in fatal or non-fatal health issues. With timely and right Rottweiler puppy vaccination, you can prevent these threats from becoming real and keep your dog hale and hearty for a long time.

Rottweiler Puppy Vaccination

Rottweiler Puppy Vaccination: Why?

The immune system of a puppy is still in the development stage. It makes them vulnerable to contagious canine diseases. In the absence of a fully developed immune system, they are prone to become ill and contact viruses that may develop into debilitating or fatal diseases later in life. Inoculation protects your puppy by boosting its immunity.

Rottweiler puppy vaccination also has significant advantages considering its disease-prevention benefits. A vaccinated puppy is more secure against diseases and disabilities when it matures into an adult dog. This saves you from spending time and money on vet visits in the future or long-term disability care of an ailing dog.

Vaccination is safe and effective for your Rottie puppy. Side effects are rare. Many inoculations, such as hepatitis vaccine, offer life-long protection.

Rottweiler Puppy Vaccination: What?

Vaccines meant for your Rottie are of two types – essential and optional.

Essential vaccines are those inoculations that are a must to protect your dog against any health problems at present and in the future. Vets use a “combination shot” for Rottweiler puppy vaccination. It is one injection containing multiple essential vaccines meant to prevent different diseases. Some of these vaccines are a one-time affair while other inculcations spread over a few months, and booster shots are administered at regular intervals.

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The following are important essential vaccinations for your Rottweiler puppy.

  • Parvovirus vaccination to protect from a viral infection of intestine, lungs, and heart
  • Hepatitis vaccination to prevent infectious liver diseases that may lead to chronic and fatal disorders
  • Distemper vaccination to avoid potential viral infection damaging lungs and brain
  • Parainfluenza/ adenovirus-2 vaccination to avert chronic upper respiratory tract infection
  • Coronavirus immunization to prevent chronic intestinal tract infection

Optional vaccines are desirable, but not mandatory. However, vets prescribe these shots based on the geographical condition, breed-specific immunity issues, local laws, living environment, exposure, risks, and particular condition of the dog. Some inoculations are required if your dog comes into contact with other animals or pets at the daycare.

Your vet may suggest following optional shots during your Rottweiler puppy vaccination.

  • Leptospirosis vaccination to protect against the leptospira bacteria-induced infectious disease that affects the kidneys.
  • Kennel cough vaccination to guard against the Bordetella bacteria-induced infection of the upper respiratory tract that leads to a whooping cough and bronchitis in dogs.
  • Lyme disease vaccination to prevent bacterial infection associated with ticks.
  • Rabies vaccination.

Leptospirosis vaccination is required for Rotties living in rural areas or forest areas while bordetella vaccine is for your dog if it stays in daycare facilities.

Rottweiler Puppy Vaccination: When?

The Rottweiler puppy vaccination protocol usually starts 6 to 7 weeks after the birth of puppies. Until then, the antigens supplied through the colostrums – the milk that secrets from the mother dog in the first 48 hours – boost their immunity. It gradually loses its strength, making the puppy vulnerable to contagious diseases as he grows. So, the 6th week is a preferable time to start the inoculation with a “5-in-1″ shot. However, breeders fearful of parvovirus attacks often start the first parvo shot as early as the 5th week.

Your puppy may have the second round of “7-in-1″ combo shot between 9 and 12 weeks. This is a repeat of the first round with two optional additions – leptospirosis and coronavirus vaccines.

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The third round is scheduled between 12 and 16 weeks. This includes the “5-in-1” combo shot along with the Rabies vaccine.

Booster shots continue as required and are recommended for the next several months.

Rottweiler Vaccines and Booster Shots: Which?

Here is the most plausible Rottweiler puppy vaccination schedule for each individual vaccine.

  • Parvovirus Vaccine: Three doses between 5th and 16th weeks; first booster at 12 months and repeat of the booster shots after every 36 months
  • Parainfluenza Vaccine: Three doses with a gap of 3 to 4 weeks starting from the 6th week; a booster dose after your Rottie turns one-year-old.
  • Canine Influenza Vaccine: One dose in the 6th week and second between 10th and 12th weeks and annual booster shots
  • Distemper Vaccine/ Adenovirus-2 Vaccine: Three doses between 6th and 16th weeks; first booster at the time of 12 months and a repeat of booster shots every 36 months.
  • Leptospirosis Vaccine: One shot in 12 weeks; booster shots every 12 months
  • Bordetella Vaccine: At least two doses of injection or 1 nasal dose prior to 16 weeks; boosters in 6 or 12 months depending on the risk.
  • Lyme Vaccine: First dose in the 9th week; second dose after 3 to 4 weeks while annual boosters depending on the risk.
  • Rabies Vaccination: One shot between 12th and 16th weeks; annual boosters (3-year booster vaccines are also available)

Rottweiler Puppy Vaccination Side Effects

Rotties are strong dogs and usually are immune to any vaccination side effects. At best, your puppy may have injection-site soreness or swelling. There may be lethargy, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. All these resolve on their own in a day or two.

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Serious Rottweiler puppy vaccination side effects are very rare. These may include allergic reactions, swelling and rashes all over the body, respiratory distress, and seizures. You must seek immediate medical help in case of such severe side effects. Leptospirosis vaccination is not administered until 12 weeks, as it carries the risk of allergies in younger puppies.

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